How iPads Can Help Kids Excel at Learning

iPads Can Definitely Help Kids Excel at Learning

In a previous post, I explored with you some ways that tablets can actually help younger children learn the abc’s, as well as learn to read!  And, who doesn’t want their child to succeed, especially early on?  With the technological age that we live in, it seems that more and more kids would rather be reading on an iPad than picking up a book.

iPads Can Help Kids Excel at Learning
iPads can help kids excel at learning!

In my opinion, as long as they’re reading, they’re learning!  In this post, I would like to share some great devices that can help the older kids excel at learning.  By older, I am referring to ages 10-18+!

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Schools and Technology

Over the past 5-10 years, it seems that there has been a shift in the way teaching is done in the schools.  I taught for 20 years in the same school district, but that was when computers were just coming to the forefront. iPads hadn’t even been thought of yet!  (The kiddos I work with in my tutoring practice think I’m ancient!)  I guess you can say that I taught the “old fashioned” way, relying solely upon textbooks, workbooks, and handouts.

Teacher Relying Solely on Textbook
Teachers used to rely solely on textbooks and worksheets.

Now, the iPad seems to be replacing many types of physical textbooks, as well as changing the way educators teach.  In fact, many textbook companies have kept up with the new “technological trends,” and actually offer their textbooks online.  This is a huge bonus for schools!

Child Working on iPad
Kids use iPads to read, research, and do school projects.

These days, in many school districts, the students are assigned an iPad for their own personal use.  Students use these to read literature for their English classes, do research for projects and assignments, keep writing journals, and take tests! These are all used as a basis for a majority of their grades!  As you can probably guess, kids don’t have to cart around as many textbooks!  This is great for students, because iPads are extremely light weight and can easily fit into their backpacks or book bags.  In the long run, it can actually “save” their backs, as they don’t have to lug 20+ lbs. of books around everywhere they go!

The Use Of iPads Seem To Be Beneficial to Teachers, As Well

In today’s classrooms, the utilization of technology has seemed to positively impact the way educators are able to help more children at one time.  For instance, in any given classroom, there are always kids on different reading levels.

For example, in an average 3rd grade classroom, there may be kids reading on grade level, while others are reading several years above or below grade level.  I still remember the days when I used to have to run from one student to another, trying to make sure that they were all receiving instruction on their individualized instructional level!  This was exhausting, to say the least!

This is where iPads and other technological devices have become extremely useful.  The teacher can use different apps. and programs to ensure that each child is getting targeted practice at his/her own educational level!

They can even have each student practice certain skills that they are weak in.  In this way, the teacher can ensure that students are learning and practicing what they “need,” as opposed to reviewing skills that they have already mastered.  In my opinion, the iPad has been one of the most innovative inventions ever created!

iPads Can Make Learning Easier!
iPads can definitely make learning easier!

iPads Can Tremendously Help Kids Succeed

I don’t think I know of one kiddo who does not like to use technology in one way or another.  Granted, a lot of kids would much rather play games or watch videos on YouTube all day!  And yes, there are a lot of people who are against letting their child have access to these devices for fear that it will “fry” their brains!

Playing Games on iPad
Kids love to play games and watch videos on iPads.

I agree, only if the child uses the device to play trivial games or watch videos for hours on end, and doesn’t use it for any type of educational learning experience.  I have seen my share of these kiddos!  In a previous post, I referred to them as my “gamers!”  These are the ones who will probably become famous for inventing some unbelievable game that will make them millions, provided they have learned the skills necessary to succeed!

Some kids will probably make a fortune creating new games someday!

I can’t say enough positive things about the many benefits of allowing your child to have access to an iPad, or other technological device.  When my tutoring students come in, they would much rather do their assignments on their device instead of the traditional textbook and worksheet routine.  Who wouldn’t?!

Even though they have been using iPads for several years now, it still seems like a novelty to many of them!  They seem more willing to read, write, and research if they can do it all on their device.  It’s also so much faster than having to look up resources in the library!  This is one of the great advantages of the World Wide Web!

The World Wide Web connects students with learning.

Using an iPad has also seemed to motivate my students to want to read more!  I have noticed a marked increase in their willingness to read if we use a technological device, as compared to simply picking up a book, especially if it is a textbook!

Please don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely love books, and I encourage my kids to read using many different formats. However, it seems that many kids are more willing to read from a hand held device.  I think it’s because of the trend in owning technology, and the fact that they can download books that are readily accessible to them, and that they are interested in.  This is much easier and faster than having to go to a bookstore or library to try to find what they want to read.

Kids Seem to Love Reading On A Device
Kids seem to love reading on a device!

My Personal Choice of an iPad For the Older Kids

With all of the devices available to the older kids, my personal preference is the Apple iPad 10th generation. I guess you can say that I am partial to Apple products, as they are so easy to learn to use and navigate.  I use it quite frequently to read, research, take on-line classes, listen to podcasts, and much more.

Girl and iPad
Now days, kids are using iPads to read books, do homework assignments, and so much more!

The Apple iPad 10th generation comes equipped with 64 GB, and an unbelievable screen that utilizes 10.9 in.-liquid retina display.  This makes reading and working so much easier because of the clear and beautiful images that come across the screen. It’s not overly big, nor too small!   It also comes complete with Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Cellular, 12MP Front/Back Camera, and an unbelievable battery life.

One feature that I exceptionally like is how lightweight it is.  It beats having to carry around books that you are engrossed in, because you can pretty much choose from all of the different genres of books right from the iBooks store! This feature is probably my favorite!

The iPad comes equipped with so many unique features!

And, if you’re a gamer or music lover, you will be thrilled with the wide selection of games, songs, television shows and movies that you can get from the App. Store and iTunes Store!  The possibilities seem endless:)

My Review of the Apple iPad 10th Generation

I definitely give the Apple iPad 10th Generation a “2” thumbs up…no pun intended! It’s a wonderful device for tweens, teens, as well as adults.

I wish all the best for your children, as they continue to walk down the pathway to success!  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the box below, and I will be more than happy to get back with you as soon as I can.  And as always…Happy Reading to You and Your Child!







6 Replies to “How iPads Can Help Kids Excel at Learning”

  1. Marley Dawkins says:

    Excellent post,i know personally how technology can assist children and adults to excel at learning. Like you say there has been a shift in recent years for the educational approach of classes at schools, and using ipads instead of paper and pens, has way more benefits then negatives.

    Do you also agree that ipad can massively help improve a child’s home tutoring schedule?

    1. Hi Marley:). Thanks so much for your comment! I totally think that using an iPad can assist with a child’s home tutorial program, as long as they’re actually using it as an educational tool! I do have kiddos who would rather spend their entire homework time playing “race car” games, and the like! They should be allowed to have fun, as long as their education comes first Kids will be kids:). Thank you, again, for your nice comment:)



  2. Finally, Suzi, I find in you a soul mate who, like me, believes that technology is not all that bad in a child development and learning curve. I do believe there are so many softwares that stimulate children’s interest and sometimes can play a more involving role than sitting at a desk trying not to fall asleep whilst your teacher talks. Mind you, I’m sure you are far from boring to your children during your lessons!!
    But like you, I also think that the best deals for any type of devices sit with Amazon. I purchased a second hand iPad last year, for my mum actually, so we could FaceTime instead of spending tons in phone calls, and the deal I came across on Amazon UK was absolutely passing, she is still using it extensively with no faults reported so far.
    So, thank you for your horizon broadening post, Suzi. I’m sure it will be of inspiration and reassurance to many parents!

    1. Thank you so much, Giulia, for your kind words of inspiration:) Yes, I definitely believe that technology and children are a great mix, provided that they include some kind of educational component to it! I know that there are many kiddos who would rather play games 6 hours a day! However, the more they use their iPads and other technological devices with educational material and apps., the more they will learn, and the smarter they will become:) I’m so glad that your mom loves her iPad. I love mine, as well:) I really appreciate your kind words, and especially your wisdom!

  3. How To Build A Business Online says:

    Have you heard of the ‘Leapfrog’?
    We bought them for my granddaughters at Toys R Us years ago. All kind of interactive games but I’m sure they will soon graduate to the Ipad. I just find them very expensive.
    Great review and recommendations on products to buy. Thanks for this.

    1. I have heard of the Leapfrog! It’s a very good educational tool for young children. I would suggest moving your granddaughter up to a Fire Kids Edition, and then to an iPad. That way, she won’t get too confused trying to figure out how to use the iPad all at once! Thank you so much for you comment:) I wish you and your granddaughter all the best:)



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