Things Children Should Know Before Kindergarten

So… Your Child is Getting Ready to go into Kindergarten?!

Kindergarten Is Exciting!
Kindergarten is an exciting time!

What an exciting time!  If you’re reading this right now, I assume that you either have a child who is getting ready to enter kindergarten, or who may already be a kindergarten student. This is an exciting and crucial time for them!  As a former kindergarten teacher, I would like to share my thoughts with you on some things children should know before Kindergarten. Continue reading “Things Children Should Know Before Kindergarten”

How iPads Can Help Kids Excel at Learning

iPads Can Definitely Help Kids Excel at Learning

In a previous post, I explored with you some ways that tablets can actually help younger children learn the abc’s, as well as learn to read!  And, who doesn’t want their child to succeed, especially early on?  With the technological age that we live in, it seems that more and more kids would rather be reading on an iPad than picking up a book.

iPads Can Help Kids Excel at Learning
iPads can help kids excel at learning!

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How to Help a Struggling Reader

How to Help Your Struggling Reader

One frequently asked question I tend to have by clients and friends with children is, “How do I help a struggling reader?”  Or better yet, “How do I help my struggling reader succeed at home?”  This seems to be the central question on the minds of those who have children or grandchildren who are trying to “survive” in the classroom, as well as during homework time.

Frustrated Reader
Trying to survive during homework time.

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Tablets and Children Make a Fun Combination

Can I Have a Tablet For My Birthday… Please?

Whenever I hear these words, it makes me smile, mostly because I know that tablets and children make for a fun combination!

Child Reading on a Tablet

Actually, I think the saying goes more like this…”If I don’t get a tablet for my birthday, can I have one if I take out the trash for a whole week, clean my room, and turn my homework in on time?!”  Can you tell that I’ve had Continue reading “Tablets and Children Make a Fun Combination”

One Proven Method to Boost Your Child’s Reading Fluency

I Would Love to Hear My Child Read Fluently!

In my line of work, I hear this all the time!  Parents want to hear their child reading accurately and easily, while comprehending what they are reading.

Parent Listening to Child Read
Parents and caregivers would love to hear their kids read fluently.

In this post, I would love to share with you one proven method to boost your child’s reading fluency!  How do I know that it works?  That’s easy.  My niece used the program I am about to introduce you to, and what a huge difference it made in her ability to read more effectively, while understanding what she was reading!  Our family is ecstatic about the results!  She actually wants to read now!

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